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If you would like to be added to our member list and freely access to the content of the IGCP641 website, please fill in the form below. You will be updated on major IGCP641 achievements and upcoming meetings. We will not share your email address with anyone outside of IGCP641.

Come to IGCP641 meetings

There will be an annual meeting in addition to several smaller affiliated symposia and field trips each year. The annual meetings are the focus of IGCP641 and represent an opportunity for the  research community to assemble once per year.

Use IGCP641 to leverage funding for your own projects

IGCP641 is a banner under which a global community of scientists can interact, exchange ideas and best practices, train the next generation of geoscientists, and conduct their research into M3EF3 topics. Declaration within grant proposals that your project is part of IGCP641 demonstrates to funding agencies that this research will not be conducted in isolation, but will be part of a globally coordinated effort to investigate the processes of fissure generation and fault activation associated with anthropogenic land subsidence.


It is important to acknowledge the project in your publications, presentations and posters! At the end of each year, we as a project community must demonstrate to the IGCP that Project641 is active, effective, and worthy of continuation for the following year. The best way to do that is to make IGCP641 visible by acknowledging the project in your publications, presentations, abstracts, and posters with the following sentence “This paper is a contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project641 – Mechanisms, Monitoring and Modeling Earth Fissure generation and Fault activation due to subsurface Fluid exploitation“. Starting in October of each year, IGCP641 participants will be contacted via email to provide citation information for all publications and abstracts that have acknowledged IGCP641 during that year. A full bibliography of all project-related publications will be maintained on this website.

Logo Use

Please use one of the IGCP641 logo. Feel free to use the logo on posters, presentations, and in printed material.