Informative material

Graphical representation of the main mechanisms

mechanismsSketch of the mechanisms inducing ground ruptures: (i) horizontal displacement due to shearing on the plane of weakness or to tensile failure; (ii) reactivation of an existing fault caused by horizontal displacements; (iii) tensile fracture above a bedrock ridge; (iv) differential compaction due to heterogeneous thickness of aquifer (rigid)/aquitard (compressible) layers.

Main Scientific Achievements of prof. J. Peng, Chang’an University, China
  1. Background (pdf)
  2. Ground rupture distribution in China (pdf)
  3. Geophysical characterization of ground ruptures (pdf)
  4. Monitoring ground ruptures (pdf)
  5. Simulation of ground rupture occurrences (pdf)
  6. Failure models of ground ruptures (pdf)
  7. Railway and metro lines construction in zones affected by ground ruptures (pdf)

Main Scientific Achievements of ing. J. A. Fuentes López, Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes, Mexico

(in Spanish)

  • Geophysical Characterization of Ground Ruptures (pdf)