Nanjing (China) 2015

The first workshop of M3EF3 was held at the Nanjing University, China, on November 10-11, 2015.
The workshop had about 60 participants including specialists from different regions of the country and overseas. It is important to note the high participation of students from different universities, that had the opportunity to present their work. The workshop propitiated the discussion and exchange of professional achievements and potential collaboration during the technical sessions and the field trip.

IGCP641_Nanjing Workshop_Group Photo

Meeting talks

Devin Galloway (USGS, USA) – Earth Fissures and Surface Faults Accompanying Aquifer-System Compaction and Land Subsidence in the USA
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Qiangbing Huang, Jianwei Qiao (Chang’an University, Xi’an, China) – Ground Fissure ─ A Great Challenge to Metro Project in Xi’an, China
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Pietro Teatini, Andea Franceschini, Massimiliano Ferronato, Carlo Janna, Giuseppe Gambolati (University of Padova, Italy) – Modeling Fissure Generation and Fault Reactivation Due to Subsurface Fluid Withdrawal
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Luigi Tosi (ISMAR-CNR, Italy), Pietro Teatini (University of Padova, Italy), Tazio Strozzi (Gamma RS, Switzerland) – Distinguidhing between Present Anthropogenic and Natural Land Subsidence in Venice by SAR Interferometry
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
H. M. Wang (Key Laboratory of Land Subsidence Monitoring and Prevention, Ministry of Land and Resources of China – Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey, China) – Administrative Measures Implemented to Control Land Subsidence in Shanghai
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Dongguang Wen,Jusong Shi (China Geological Survey, Ministry of Land and Resource, China) – Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures Survey and Monitoring Monitoring in China
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Yan Yang (Beijing Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, China) – Study of Land Subsidence and Ground Fissure Disasters in the Beijing Plain
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Shujun Ye, Yue Luo (Nanjing University, China), Jichun Wu, Xuexin Yan, Hanmei Wang, Xun Jiao (Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey, China), Pietro Teatini (University of Padova, Italy) – Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Land Subsidence in Shanghai
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
A‐Gen Zhang (Geological Society of Shanghai, Ground Subsidence China Geological Survey Research Center, China) – Chinese Land Subsidence Prevention and Management
Download (IGCP641 participant only)
Francesco Zucca (University of Pavia, Italy) – InSAR Detection and Monitorig of Subsidence and Related Fracture Processes: Examples and Perspectives
Download (IGCP641 participant only)

Meeting photos

IMG_20151110_113257 DSC03106 DSC03014 DSC03084 DSC03042
DSC03008 DSC03030 DSC03006 DSC03088 DSC03133

Field-trip photos

Wu’xi, earth fissures and field monioring system

IMG_20151111_105550 IMG_20151111_105830 IMG_20151111_110122 IMG_20151111_110257 IMG_20151111_110359
IMG_20151111_111419 IMG_20151111_112649 IMG_20151111_113617 IMG_20151111_113430 IMG_20151111_114629

Suzhou, land subsidence monitoring center

IMG_20151111_151021 IMG_20151111_152740 IMG_20151111_152759 IMG_20151111_151631 IMG_20151111_153032